Intaba Flowers Pty Ltd was established in July 2005 as a specialist bouquet making company. It was established with a view to supply Protea, Cape Flora bouquets and products to the Retail industry, locally and Internationally.

The company was founded with a 50% partnership by OZ Flora PTY Ltd. OZ Flora in turn is a member of the Dutch Flower Group, Netherlands, and specialises in the export of Indigenous Flora to European Wholesale markets. Between Intaba Flowers and OZ Flora we have amassed over 25 years of experience and grower relationships.

Together we have an unmatched sourcing capability in our relationship with a large number of local growers of indigenous products from the Cape Floral Kingdom. Covering Geographical regions from Citrusdal on the West Coast extending as far as Port Elizabeth on the East Coast.

We have established long-standing partnerships with various Fynbos suppliers who pick certain products exclusively for us.

Intaba has been Supplying local retailer, Woolworths (South Africa’s top performing retailer in Horticulture) with their Indigenous programme since inception in 2005, and we remain their strategic sourcing partner for Protea and Cape Flora.

From March 2008 we started our first pre-packed Protea and Cape Flora lines into UK supermarkets and Europe, and over the last few years have also seen huge growth into the US market.

Retailers that have received some of our products via various pre-packers in the UK (over the last 8 years) have included: Tesco, M&S, ASDA, Aldi UK and Aldi Ireland, Waitrose and Co-Op.

Our strength lies in our partnerships with our growers, and while we retain our own pack house, we outsource a great deal of production to selected growers who pack at source according to our specifications, and strict quality monitoring process.

With our premises located at the airport, we maintain a strict Quality Control process upon receiving and we supervise the loading of cargo directly at the airport. Our Logistics partners, Sky Services, load their own airline ULD’s directly at the facility, meaning we are in control of our cargo until handover to the airlines.